We'll Do Anything to Get Closer to Him

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To graduate from their Fine Arts programme, Lily LaBeau and Arya Fae need to be mentored by a professional. The girls are lucky enough to be set up with a famous French artist that they have always admired and fantasized about, and they are not going to let this opportunity go to waste… When he goes upstairs to get ready, the girls take their chance. Sneaking up in some very sexy lingerie, they let him know that they’ve been waiting so long to get him all alone. As they undress in front of him so sensually, he knows exactly what’s on the menu. But do they?

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The Impatient Patient

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Lily LaBeau is waiting to see her doctor, Michael Vegas. As the time passes by however, she grows more and more impatient. All Lily wants is for her wet pussy to be fucked, but when she’s tired of waiting around for her special treatment, she decides to get her doctor’s attention by whipping out her beautiful boobs, which causes a commotion in the waiting room! Soon, Lily gets to be seen by Dr. Vegas who gives her a prescription, for his hard cock to suck and fuck, that is!

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Hot Wife Celebrates

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Lily LaBeau was very recently divorced. Newly single, Lily wants to celebrate her freedom with some wild, spontaneous sex. Her first opportunity arises when her house is being shown to a prospective client. Her attraction to Mr Brown was instant. On his second visit Lily plans to make her intentions clear. As the visit is being wrapped up, she asks to talk to Mr Brown alone. Despite the agent’s reluctance, she succeeds in getting what she wants…

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Watch & Learn

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Convinced that her husband’s been cheating on her, Lily Labeau has tied him up and plans on making him watch as she fucks her accomplice, Keiran Lee. Luscious Lily makes sure that her husband gets cuckolded by tying him up and taping his mouth shut so that only the sound of her pleasurable moans can be heard as she sucks and fucks Mr. Lee until she’s extracted her revenge, and cum all over her face!

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